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  1. In APA format
  2. The text defines leadership as “the process in which one engages others to set and achieve a common goal” and management as “the process of accomplishing predetermined objectives through effective use of human, financial, and technical resources.” Select a healthcare management position such as an imaging director or long-term care nursing director.  For this position, do the following:
    • Describe the activities that fall into the definition of leadership.
    • How does this position relate to senior leadership?
    • Describe the activities that fall into the definition of management.
    • Explain where the leadership and management activities overlap.

    NOTE: If you are currently working in a healthcare management position, you can use your own job.  If you work in an HCO but you aren’t a manager, interview your manager or someone else in a management position.  If you do not work at an HCO, contact a local HCO that you are interested in.  The human resources, community relations, or education departments should be able to assist you with finding a manager to interview.  If you cannot locate a working HCO manager to interview, contact your instructor for guidance.

  3. Compare and contrast transformational and transactional leadership styles.  How does emotional intelligence fit in? 
  4. Assess and explain your personal leadership style using the contemporary theories and principles explained in the text.  You may also use free resources on the Internet that assist with discovering your leadership style.  Doing a search for “personal leadership style” will provide some excellent links.  The two links above under reading are recommended.
  5. Review the following case study in Chapter 2 of the text: “The New Department Director.”  Using this case study, address the following questions:
    • What problem(s) does Dr. Grant face? Think about the root cause problem.
    • Consider individual-level, team-level, and system-level problems.  For each, set an objective that is SMART.  Note: objectives should follow the SMART format (see page 42. Objectives should be structured to follow the SMART mnemonic.


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