Project #196085 - Reader Response Log: Viewpoints Analysis - Labor

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Carefully read and analyze one set of the following viewpoints in order to respond to the prompt below:

From Opposing Viewpoints in American History Volume 1:

  • 8A. Poor Europeans Should Come to American as Indentured Servants (George Alsop) & 8B. Poor Europeans Should Not Come to America as Indentured Servants (Gottieb Mittelberger)

From Opposing Viewpoints in American History Volume 2:

  • 3A. Concentrations of Wealth Harm America (Henry George) & 3B. Concentrations of Wealth Help America (Andrew Carnegie)
  • 4A. The Organizing of Labor into Unions is Dangerous (Henry Clews) & 4B. Labor Unions are Essential (Samuel Gompers)
  • 19A. Self-Help is the Best Response to Unemployment (Henry Ford) & 19B. Self-Help is Not Enough (Charles R. Walker)


  1. Read each viewpoint carefully.
  2. Summarize each author's argument and identify what each author feels are the important facts and issues. Also speak to how the person's perspective influences his or her attitude.
  3. Determine which author you feel has the strongest argument and why.

At minimum, you will need to cite and reference the source of the week's reading but you are encouraged to consult a variety of sources in order to form a well-reasoned and informed analysis of the topics.

Activity Requirements

  • 1-2 pages in length
  • APA formatting
  • 2 outside supporting references


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