Project #196087 - Social Studies Family Newsletter

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/12/2017 08:00 pm

With your practicum population in mind, create a fun and interactive 250-500-word newsletter with at-home activities that will engage families in the development of children’s social studies awareness about People, Places and the Environment.


Include the following:

  • Newsletter title, subtitles, date, graphics, and other appropriate newsletter items.
  • Brief description of the social studies concepts, standards, and objectives.
  • Explanation why these concepts are important in early childhood development.
  • Description of at least three at-home activities that parents can use to reinforce social studies concepts.
  • Documentation to be returned to school to:
  1. Gauge student participation
  2. Collect constructive criticism from students and families
  • Resources, including technology and/or manipulatives, to support social studies learning for students’ at-home.
  • Free community or online social studies resources for families.


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