Project #196094 - Literature - Comparison/Ideologies, theory and the World

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degree: comparative literature 

class: intro to comparison

need an A!

 2500 words

What is revealed by colonial comparison, or by comparing texts heavily influenced by a political context in which people from one community hold power over another? You may want to consider texts that portray the colonised and her culture in an inferior light (Macaulay, Kipling, etc), or work that exposes such portrayals as questionable (e.g. Césaire’s re-write of Shakespeare’s The Tempest). 


i will attach many documents to reduce research time

this degree has a special way of analysing information BUT is also across cultures (not like english lit style)

needs external sources and examples to build arguement.

needs to be structured! i will send the bibliography format info and the marking criteria to help :)


all questions are welcomed!


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