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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/11/2017 11:00 am

degree: comparative literature

Class: intro to comaprison

assingment type: commentary/ over 2 passages

need an A!

external sources not necessary focus mainly on commentary and analysing language and situation (no presentation of authors and historical background - this is not a history paper - only bring these up if it builds on analysis and reveals something about the text)



1500 commentary in comparative literature style strictly.

2 passages: commentary on 2 passages posted below

this is what I gathered about analyzing passages in comp lit: cover:

contextually, genres, historically, language used (what does it reflect), sequences of events, methods, similarities and differences, effects on reader, what do they reveal about their time/genre, compare approaches to writing, etc... technical analysis. how do the choices of words give different feelings to passage. 

Use words about type of narrators for example retroacively


professor very seriously doesn't want people to mix the "But" and "however" for some reason -> very important to the essay.


I will attach many documents to reduce research time and maximize understanding.

this degree has a special way of analysing information BUT is also across cultures (not like english lit style)

3 main text bodies and lots of specific analysis to the texts and line referencing.

needs to be structured! i will send the bibliography format info and the marking criteria to help :)

no plagiarism please! 


all questions are welcomed!


I will send the chosen passages, a sample essay that can't be copied but will help (new ideas very necessary), correct bibliography, slides and important guidelines.

there are some vocabulary words that needs to be used that are specific to comp lit - they will be all provided :) 



Thank you!


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