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This final essay is an applied paper where you reflect upon your learning, identify and describe specific theories and techniques that you have learned, describe what you have learned about yourself, and how you would use this knowledge in the role of a counselor. This is not a "major research paper" however you will be using your textbook along with the scholarly resources from your M5 Assignment - Annotated Bibliography. Be sure to address all the following components within your paper:

  1. Choose three (3) of the counseling approaches you’ve studied in this course.
  2. Compare each counseling theory and explore the potential benefits (pros) and potential disadvantages (cons) of each theory and its method, specifically:
    • Goals of the approach - how specific are the goals of this approach, how well can the results be measured, such as behaviors, interpersonal changes, cognition, mood, and emotional expression. 
    • Counselor/client relationship - how effective is the approach towards establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship?
    • Identify at least 2 main techniques of this approach that you believe are most important. Explain your reasoning as to why you believe these techniques are most important?
    • How effective is this approach as applied to multi-cultural issues.

  3. Ethical and Personal Considerations
    • Review and reflect upon your essay in Module 1 concerning your personal strengths, areas for improvement, attitudes, biases, self-awareness, and self-view. What aspects about yourself have changed, what is the same, what would you need to develop and strengthen in order to be an effective counselor?
    • What ethical and professional challenges would you expect to encounter. For example: difficulty maintaining your objectivity when a client's issue affects you personally, OR difficulty with setting limits on clients, OR struggles with time management when dealing many clients and many job tasks, OR struggling with yourself feeling emotionally distressed by another person's crisis, OR how to maintain confidentiality when unexpectedly meeting people in public, at mutual help groups, etc), OR other specific issues.
    • What kinds of differences between yourself and clients  - in terms of gender, sexual orientations, cultural, political, religious differences or other areas,  might be problematic if you were counseling these individuals?
    • How might you manage to overcome those differences and remain effective as a counselor?

  4. Matching approaches to your own style and personality:
    • Identify and explain what portions of each of the three selected theories/approaches would be compatible with your personality and counseling style?
    • Which aspects of the three theories/approaches would prove challenging for you to learn and follow.


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