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Final Project: Operational Implications of Process Improvement

During this class, we examined a range of methods used in operations management to monitor, assess, and improve performance in health care organizations. In this final Assignment, you will review the Learning Resources made available throughout the class, and any additional external resources you may find. Then, you will synthesize your understanding of these resources, applying your knowledge to the Pediatric Hospital case study.

According to the case study, a kaizen event revealed that variability in operations performance and outcomes was the root cause of a bottleneck in scheduling MRIs. Three solutions were provided, including:

  • Modify the master schedule.
  • Streamline the insurance authorization process.
  • Implement standardized work instructions.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Read the Pediatric Hospital in Tough Market Pegs Growth to Lean Process Improvement case study by Tonya Vinas, located in the Learning Resources. Review the key metrics and current state of the organization before the interventions were conducted.

The Assignment:

In a 6 page report to the board of directors (not including title page or references):

  1. Assess operations requirements and resources for Pediatric Hospital. Describe what is working and what is not working.
  2. Conduct a quantitative and qualitative benchmark literature review and scan of operations best practices (from the health care industry or outside the health care industry) and provide and evaluate an example of an initiative that a high-reliability health care organization has implemented, and indicate how Pediatric Hospital can implement that initiative.
  3. Evaluate Pediatric Hospital’s readiness for the transition of health care systems from a volume- to value-based delivery system. Using data provided in this case, provide relevant and practical recommendations to improve its readiness and how it might affect the implementation of the initiative.
  4. Analyze the operational implications of 2–3 current health care reforms and mandates that might affect the implementation of the initiative.
  5. Consider current and future trends and forces in operations management excellence and assess how these can help this Pediatric Hospital and other similar health care organizations to become a sustainable model for high-reliability organization.
    Learning Resources
  6. view the case study at the following link to prepare for the Final Project:

    Vinas, T. (2011). Pediatric hospital in tough market pegs growth to lean process improvement. Lean Management Case Study Series. Retrieved from

    Vinas, T. (2011). Lean Management Case Study Series: Pediatric Hospital in Tough Market Pegs Growth to Lean Process Improvement. Retrieved from Used with permission of Tonya Vinas

    Required Readings McLaughlin, D. B., & Olson, J. R. (2012). Health care operations management (2nd ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Chapter 14, “Improving Financial Performance with Operations Management” (pp. 365–383)


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