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Jane is a primary school teacher teaching primary 5 students. she is finding it a challenge to manage the class. they do not participate in class discussion, they keep quiet and just stare at her when she ask questions and most of the students do not complete the assignments and homework. she wants to change their behaviour and get them to be more participative in class and complete their assignments and homework.


evaluate: the scenario using operant conditioning and propose possible interventions. determine the suitability of operant conditioning as an approach to behavioural change in this scenario.


in your essay, include the following:

  • background info & clear thesis statement that is well supported by info. (para1 intro)
  • the range of behaviour in the classroom typically displayed by this age group. (parap2)
  • the application of the various techniques of operant conditioning in classroom management for behaviours listed in the scenario (para3)
  • the strengths and weakness of operant conditioning in comparison to the other theories proffered by Kohlberg,Erikson,Piaget or bandura. (para4) -choose any two theory and compare with operant conditioning and provide weakness and strength of operant conditioning.
  • a final judgement of the suitability of operant conditioning as an approach to behavioural change in the scenario. (para5)


Operant conditioning(all this must be included in operant conditioning para 3)

1.   primary and secondary reinforcers[reinforces]

2.   positive  and negative reinforcers[types of reinforces]

3.   positive and negative punishment[punishment & types  of punishment]

4.   problems with punishment 

5.   strategies for effectiveness in coping punishment.

6.   strategies for lasting effect of operant conditioning (shaping,extinction & generalisation)




  • Apa referencing (9ref)
  • 6 paragraphs
  • 2000 words
  • no cover page
  • Arial/times new roman, font size 12
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • clear paragraphing and please don't leave out any info. and urgently needed please don't submit late.much appreciated.



marks would be based on

1.   the intro (background info & clear thesis statement that is well supported by an intro

2.   evaluation of scenario (description of classroom behaviour, based on the age group and sound research)

3.   evaluation of scenario (evaluation of strategies done through applying operant conditioning theory suggestions are a result of evaluation and relate closely to theory.

4.   evaluation operant conditioning theory (how operant conditioning will support the suggestion and justify the use of the theory.

5.   evaluation of the operant conditioning theory (strengths and weakness of the operant theory are evaluated against the objective in the scenario. arguments include perspectives from other developmental theory. the discussion has stated final summation of paper.


6.   conclusion(good conclusion stand and final thoughts on topic based on analysis. identification of limitation and shortcomings are highlighted.


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