Project #196159 - Assignment 1 - Identify Structural Relationships

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Assignment 1 - Identify Structural Relationships

As you complete these assignments keep in mind that you will be using what you have learned in your final interpretation and application in weeks 4 and 5.

Read through the Gospel of Mark quickly and make notes of any observations. Read “Guidelines for Detailed Observation,” pages 163-4 in Bauer’s textbook and read the Gospel of Mark 1:1-13.

In 3-5 pages complete the following:

  • Identify at least 3 non-routine terms in Mark 1:1-13, as described in the Bauer textbook, ”Guidelines for Detailed Observation,” page 163-164, and give definitions from a Bible dictionary source.
  • Mark 1:1-13 is the major structural relationship of preparation/realization. These verses prepare the reader for what is to follow in the rest of the gospel. However, there are some other structural relationships within this portion of scripture. Identify at least one structural relationship that you find in Mark 1:1-13, specify the verse(s) in which the structural relationship is located, and explain why you selected that particular structural relationship. That is, explain why you think that structural relationship exists in the verse(s) you have identified.
  • Every structural relationship has its own “interpretive questions,” as found on pages 126-130. Answer the questions that accompany each structural relationship you identify. Example: If you identify the structural relationship of contrast you would ask and answer the questions: What major differences are here emphasized by the writer? What is the precise and specific meaning of each of these differences, and why did he deal with them as he did? What are the implications? Please include the question and the answer.


This assignment must be written using Times New Roman 12 font in the APA format.


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