Project #196160 - Assignment 2 - Observations

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Assignment 2 - Observations

As you complete these assignments keep in mind that you will be using what you have learned in your final interpretation and application in weeks 4 and 5.

Read through Mark 1:1-13 ESV several times, as provided for this assignment.

  • Using the copy of Mark 1:1-13 ESV provided, mark the who, what, where and when of the passage. See the document Inductive Bible Study Overview for help in marking. You do not have to use the same marking system demonstrated. You may use your own system, colors and/or symbols. Make it so it is meaningful to you and helps you to identify the various elements of the passage.
  • After reading the document, Aids to Observation in General, use the copy of Mark 1:1-13 ESV provided (Click here) and make at least 13 observations about the text. Record those observations and submit them along with your marked copy of Mark. Example: 1.) Mark says Jesus is the Son of God 2.) Mark quotes the prophet Isaiah. (These are observations, not interpretations)

This entire assignment must be in Times New Roman 12 font in the APA format.


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