Project #196181 - Reserach Proposal Outline

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/11/2017 05:00 pm

Apply the 6-step model from the textbook to your research topic. (Which will be attached)
  1. Understand the situation – Identifykey symptoms.
  2. Identify the problems from the symptoms.
  3. Write a managerial decision statement and corresponding research objectives.
  4. Determine the unit of analysis.
  5. Determine relevant variables.
  6. Write research questions and/or research hypothesis.
Submit a 1-3 page outline using a minimum of one robust paragraph per step in the model. Focus on clearly telling the reader how you would approach this problem. Be as detailed as possible without being wordy.  Err on the side of specifics as opposed to generalizations. If you do not have access to a certain parcel of information, you may create portions of the scenario as needed. Be as realistic as possible.



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