Project #196183 - history and Systems of psychology

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write a 2/3 page paper ,Refer to Dr. Eric Landrum's video on Functionalism found on YouTube.

To structure your reactions for chapters 6,7,8, you may consider the following questions: Also, for those of you who haven't already, remember to submit your topics for the in-class presentations. 

1. In what ways did Darwin's data and ideas alter the subject matter and methods of psychology? 

2. How did Galton study the association of ideas? How did he test for intelligence? 

3. What did Spencer mean by his concept of Social Darwinism? 

4. Why was James considered to be the most important American Psychologist? What was his attitude towards laboratory work? 

5. How were mental tests used in the United States to support the notion of racial differences in intelligence and the alleged inferiority of immigrants? 


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