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For Mrs Jolie and her family, the day begins long before it gets light. She and her children are on early, tight schedules to get to their various daytime committment. Mrs Jolie must travel 40 miles to her job as a middle school teacher and must leave the house at 6:45. Often her oldest daughter leaves even earlier, at 6:30, for before-school activities at her high school. Victor, age 10, is suppose to be picked up at 6:55 by the transporter service his mother has hired. This morning when it doesn't arrive, he tries to reach his mother, but she is still en route to her school. At 7:30 he calls the key leader at his child care center. Chris, the leader, tells him not to panic and to keep cool, and they will work to contact his mother. He assures Victor that his mom will have a solution. Chris leaves a message for Ms. Jolie at her school's office. She returns his call immediately on arriving at the school, and quickly arranges other transportation for Victor.

Mrs. Jolie was really upset that this happened and she felt guilty she had to leave her children to go to work. She has been divorced for only six months and knows that it has been hard on the childen. 

1. How would you assess the children's ability to cope with a divorce and a working mother?

2. Is there anything that Mrs. Jolie can do to prevent another upsetting incident like this?

3. What can you say to Mrs. Jolie?


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