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Subject English
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/13/2017 12:00 am

Select a poem (it does not have to be a poem read for class) that is intended for an adult audience. The poem should be fairly short (10–20 lines is ideal), and utilize classic poetic devices like symbolism, figurative language, and imagery. 




  1. Introduce the poem and poet.
  2. Analyze this poem line-by-line. 
  3. Highlight the devices (like symbolism, figurative language, imagery, etc.) that the author uses in each line, and how these devices contribute to the overall meaning and power of the poem. Be specific in your explanations. For instance, if the author uses alliteration, explain the words from the poem where alliteration is used, and what effect this device has on the poem. Every line of the poem must be analyzed.
  4. Describe your interpretation of the poem, including references to symbols, theme, tone, and style.
  5. Reflect on the poem’s meaning to you as an individual.


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