Project #196202 - Comprehensive AAP (Implementation Section)

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Need the below section of the Comprehensive AAP Project completed.


F: Implementation Plan:

The implementation plan includes your recommendations for deploying the network design. The design implementation description should be detailed as possible. Implementation of a network design consists of several phases (buy and install hardware, configure system, test system and so forth). Each phase consists of several steps, and documentation for each step should contain the following:


•A project schedule (already completed and attached)

•Plans with vendors or service providers for installation of links, equipment or services

•Plan or recommendations for outsourcing the implementation or management of the network

•A plan for communicating the design to end users, network administrators, and management

•A training plan for network administrators and end users

•A plan for measuring the effectiveness of the design after it has been implemented

•A list of known risks that could delay the project

•A fallback plan if the network implementation fails

•A plan for evolving the network design as new application requirements goals arise


See attachements for further details.



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