Project #196213 - The Tattoo Issue: First Amendment or Agency Image?

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/14/2017 04:00 pm

Read the case study Targeting Tattoos in the Appendix of Justice Administration.

Write a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper that addresses the following: 

  • Provide an overview of how law enforcement agencies have dealt with the issue of tattoos in recent years.
  • Find at least one police department "SOP" (standard operating procedure) or policy that addresses personal appearance and/or tattoos and provide a summary.
  • Do you consider Newton a problem employee or would you consider this a problem situation? Explain your response.
  • What type of disciplinary actions, if any, would you take against Newton? What are the consequence if you do not act?
  • Does this situation reveal the need for a written policy?
  • What potential issues or ramifications should you be aware of when considering disciplinary actions?

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. A minimum of five authoritative references is required. (There is some content on this issue in the textbook.)

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