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Answer the following question based on essay below and references: 

Can you please elaborate on the importance of good documentation where a clinical trial fits into the development of a health information technology system?  Are you referring to data collection for the purpose of decision support, research, or trending?

The modern health care is incomplete without the electronic health records. Its increased complexity calls for a DNP leader who understands and is willing to adopt and implement a health information network. This initiative requires a skilled DNP leader who can make meaningful contributions to ensuring a working system is put in place. 

A DNP leader addresses the numerous health care reform initiatives that ensure patient care organizations coordinate care across the board, document health care delivery, and improve patient safety. DNP leaders are needed for the coordination of IT efforts and provision of ancillary services. Besides, they should articulate the type of data that the information network needs. It is the role of the DNP leader to synthesize knowledge and evidence, recommend policies, and track trends. He/she should capture clinical and educational data that can be used to evaluate and improve care processes and patient outcomes (, 2017). 

Patients, health care providers, the local and federal government are key in the implementation of the information network. Patients provide the information to be stored in the system. Health care provides not only the necessary resources but also create a platform for the implementation of the system. The government and other relevant bodies provide legal guidance (Kohli & Tan, 2016). 

Creating a working health information network is not easy. For this process to work, there are a number of elements that need to be combined and work together. First, documentation is a key requirement in conducting any clinical trial according to good clinical practice and federal regulations. Lack of good documentation may affect data integrity for the entire network. Second, a robust IT team is necessary. 

It is generally agreeable that health care information is crucial and any system put in place to manage it should be reliable. The IT team should, therefore, have vast knowledge in coming up with a good system. DNP leaders should be available to provide all the necessary present and past information on diagnosis, tests, and drugs available for all known ailments (Broach, 2015). 

Broach, D. (2015). Integration of Clinical Research Documentation in Electronic Health Records. Computers, Informatics Nursing, 33(4), 142-149. (2017, August 8). The Unique Contributions DNP-Prepared Nurses Bring to Health Informatics. Retrieved from Doctor of Nursing Practice DNP:

Kohli, R., & Tan, S. S.-L. (2016). Electronic Health Records: How can IS Researchers Contribute to Transforming Healthcare. MIS QUARTERLY, 40(3), 553-573. 


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