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Please write 3 different papers folling instructions for each section. No references just in your own words describing an internship site. If you have any more questions please message me


1. Type at least one full page about the internship site, BlumShapiro (Accounting Fim) its environment and surroundings, answering the following questions: 


  • What products or services does the organization provide?
  • What is the organization’s mission?
  • Does the organization have a logo or some brand identification?  Describe it.
  • What is the work space like?  Describe it.  Is there enough room for employees to work comfortably? (make up info)

Is there anything in particular that is important to mention about the space?  (For example, is it exceptionally dark, open, crowded, etc.?)   


2.  Type at least a two page summary of what you learn by answering the following question about an Human Resources Assistant that works for the firm  

Required questions:

  1. What is your professional background and how did you decide to work in this field?
  2. What degree(s), coursework, and skills are most helpful to persons entering this field?
  3. What other careers (or job titles) are related to work in this field?
  4. What professional organizations (and/or publications) related to this field provide resources for students to help them learn more?
  5. What do you like and dislike most about your job?
  6. What are some common ethical issues encountered in this job or field?


  • How much personal freedom do you have in this job?
  • Do you feel it’s better to go to graduate school right after college or to obtain work experience before going to graduate school?  Why?
  • How much do you travel for work?  Why?  How do you balance this with your personal life?
  • Is relocation expected in this field?  In this organization?


3.Type at least one full page about the organizational and individual behavior at your internship site, answering three of the following questions:


  • Describe your supervisor’s management style and how it affects your work.
  • What seems to be the attitude of the staff toward their work and the organization?
  • How do workers interact with each other?


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