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When completing homework, please complete your homework using only one worksheet/tab answering your entire weekly assignment from top to bottom (do not use a separate tab for each chapter or for each question).  In addition, please be sure to show at least three digits after the decimal for all answers (i.e. a correctly formatted answer would be 10.357; incorrectly formatted answers would be: 10.35 or 10.4).  I expect to see the formulas, equations, all workings and intermediate answers for all questions/problems in order to score full points (in other words, showing only answers and no workings/formulas will receive no credit).  If you only list a formula and have not shown step by step calculations for each answer, you will receive no cedit and your work will be returned to you for revision.


No credit will be given for any unanswered questions.


should be done only on word excel 


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