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Question: 1The Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101 discusses a variety of pitfalls communities often face in planning. Choose a specific community, organization or type of organization you are familiar with, and describe various pitfalls that might be encountered or represented in its plans or planning processes.


Question; 2  The Boston Marathon bombing was an extended incident, spanning April 15 – April 19, 2013, until the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. If you were responsible for public information across the city and its suburbs, outline how you would have managed both outgoing information and incoming information.


For outgoing information, consider factors such as these: What kinds of messages were needed and at what point in the incident timeline? Issued with what frequency? How much information to release? What different media formats? Would different audiences have been a factor?


For incoming information, how would tips, rumors, and misinformation have been handled? What media would have been monitored? 


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