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Your proposed GUI design has been approved by management. Management is confident that this will help them determine the effectiveness of their sales force. They are ready to have you implement the GUI. Before designing the application further, they want to first have the GUI implemented to perform very basic functionality. As you progress through the assignments, your submission will culminate in a Final Key Assignment.

Application Requirements:

Implement the Swing application using the GUI you designed in the Phase 1 Discussion Board. The user will have to enter the following data items:

  1. Sales representative ID
  2. Sales representative First Name
  3. Sales representative Last Name
  4. Total sold for each of three categories: office supplies, books, and paper
  5. Sales district (North, South, East, West).
  6. Preferred means of contact with potential buyers (phone, e-mail, visit)

Include a QUIT button to exit the application and an ENTER button that causes the sales representative’s data to be retrieved from the GUI components and submitted to the application. The sales representative’s data will echo to the jTextArea each time the ENTER button is pressed.

Your application should be thoroughly commented.

Intermediate-level Java programming should be demonstrated:

  • Program flow should be logical.
  • Projects should be developed in NetBeans and zipped prior to submission.
  • Your application should execute by running the main project.
  • Do not submit any code within your project that is not related to this assignment.
  • Applications that do not compile will receive feedback but not a passing grade.

Please submit your zipped NetBeans project.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course mater


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