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Economics Assignment-

5 Graphs:

- Real GDP

-Real GDP Growth Rate

- Real GDP PEr Capita




Overview of Choosen Country of Analysis

Introduction (~200 words)

- Identify choosen country's main industries ie. Tourism, Manufacturing, services.

- What are the country's natural resources and how are thry bring used 

- why did the country choose to focus on these key industries

 Production Output Performance analysis (~700 words)

- Define and explain hoe each indicator measures performance of the country

-Real GDP

-Real GDP Growth Rate

-Real GDP Per Capita


Describe trends and explain them

-What caused the drastic increase/decrease in GDP


Research and explain government measures adopted to acheive Production Output Performance

- Review: How does the country expands its ppf

-What policies were put in place by your choosen country's government to achieve economic growth

Labour Market Analysis (Together with orice level Analysis (~900 words)

- Desribe unemployment trends based on unemployment rates.

- Define Unemployment and describe typical types of unemployment in an economy

- Research and explain government measures adopted to acheive full employment.


Price Market Analysis:

- Describe the inflation trend based on inflation rate

- Define inflation and desribe the typical causes of inflation

- Research and explain the government measures to achieve stable price



- Key highlights od discussion

- Were there any major points on the 5 graphs that were affected by any economic event in the country?

- There should not be any suggestions on what the government should do but what they have done in order to fight against inflation and unemployment and als, what they did/are doing to achieve economic growth



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