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CRITERIA FOR THE EVALUATION OF YOUR PAPERS * • -  Stating clearly what you gained from the readings and how the assignment helped you achieve the educational goals of our university, and specifying how you achieved such goals. * • -  Mastery of the material in the context of our course (thinkers, topics, concepts, theories, arguments, key works, timeline, etc.). * • -  Critical thinking (creativity and appropriate criticism): Your ability to develop a mature thought process, to appreciate and assess the various worldviews which have played a central role in human culture in general, and in American life in particular. * • -  Style and presentation of papers: - systematic organization of ideas.
- Analytic and synthetic skills.
- Clarity and coherence in the development of ideas.
- The use of powerful intellectual arguments.
- Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are the “mechanics” of good writing, and therefore will be considered in the grading process. Week 6 (August 14): Assignment 2 (B) due: “African Religions and the contribution of Africa to Humanity, World Civilization and World Spirituality” Readings for this assignment (available on moodle): 1. 1. Egypt and Israel 2. 2. Monotheism and its Egyptian origin (by Jan Assmann) 3. 3. God in African Religion 4. 4. Bumuntu Memory and the African art of becoming humane 5. 5. ATR in Key Theses Questions
1. How do these readings dispel negative myths about African spirituality or African traditional religions?
2. What is the African conception of God (the nature of God and his characteristics)
3. Summarize the fundamental moral values of African traditional religions and in so doing explain how Africans define a “good human being,” or a genuine religious person or someone regarded as holy or “a good guy.” (the “Bumuntu” text is critical here). 4. Explain the origin of Monotheism using these texts, especially the text by Jan Assmann. What is the African contribution to the Bible, to Judaism and to Christianity?
5. How did you feel while doing this assignment? What did surprise you? What did you find unbelievable and why? 6. How did this assignment help you achieve the educational goals of our university 7. Identify 5 citations that you found significant for our learning process


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