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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/16/2017 12:00 am

Essay Topic: 2,000 words“


What is the role of Innovation in companies, the economy and in society”?  With reference to, and a   focus on, one of the following topics:


- A    global perspective on innovation;


- A    picture of innovation in a   country of your choice; Innovation in large firms;


- Corporate innovation and entrepreneurship;


- Innovation, networks and business ecosystems;


- Strategic innovation in small firms: An international analysis of

innovation and strategic decision-making in small firms.


Assessment Objectives Students should be able to demonstrate their learning from the module in the essay in the following broad areas:


- Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the  importance  of creativity and innovation to  national industrial, economic  and socialdevelopment across all types of organisation:  private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, large and small organisations; 


- Formulate and  articulate appropriate  arguments based on  theory, to explain innovation activity in your chosen topic, using learning from class and personal study in    a   professional manner; 


- Identify and critically assess key innovation goals and  the components of the innovation  processes across organisations, and 

society, demonstrating an ability to apply theory in    practice;


Please try to use these theory when possible. 

- PEST theory

- Five Forces

- Blue Ocean



Marking criteria:    


hows a    clear understanding of organisational theory in the relevant topic. Potential: 20


Application of   an understanding   of the key theoretical concepts,  and coverage of  allnecessary topics in a   suitable order. Potential 25


Intelligent discussionof findings and in particular analysis of how innovation management is carried out,   measured,   andencouraged. Potential: 25


Degree of reading  and learning demonstrated in the report including depth and breadth of reading, correctly  handled, with correct  use  of in-text citations. Potential: 20


Presentation of front cover &    structure of report, contents page, Harvard referencing, report structure and    layout, standard of English expression. Potential: 10


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