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This project has 2 parts

Part 1 (20 marks): no more than 1200 words

The question is How can managers design ‘good’ performance measures in organisations?

·         Cost efficiency

·         Access


·         Validity

I have highlighted the main points in the assessment outline, you can choose any one of the 3 performance measurement above to write the project. All the requirements of this assessment also has been highlighted in blue so please have a carefully read about this. Especially it does need a REAL-WORLD EXAMPLE to illustrate the essay so please look for one (Real company, please don't make up a random one).

Part 2 (10 marks): no more than 300 words

The question is about reflective writing exercise 

In preparing your essay, you are expected to engage in a meaningful, reflective drafting process, making use of writing analysis tools that can provide you with individualised feedback on your written communication.

It like after you finished the essay (Part 1) you need to submit it into 2 out of 3 writing analysis tools: based on the feedback of it to write this reflection.

I will attach all the files and also send message about useful sources that my tutor sent to me but also please look for your ones aswell, and especially the real world example that you use to identify the performance measurement that you chose.

Look at the last page of the assessment outline (attachted file 1) to see how my tutor will be mark the essay.


Any further questions, please ask.

File 1: Assessment Outline.

File 2: Example of Past Essay about Performance Measure of Timeliness




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