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Gilles and Marissa have both been asigned to a group of 10- to 12-year olds in a YMCA after-school program. Marissa was a preschool teacher and has a degree in early childhood education. Gilles worked for many years as an assistant teacher in a fourth-grade classroom. They have widely differing opinons about how their program should be planned. Marissa believe they should rely to a great extent on what the children want to learn or do, and develop the curriculum from there. Gilles has read the curriculum guidelines of the local school district and thinks they should be reinforcing what the schools teach. He points to the fact that at the nearby school many of the children attend, reading and math scores are extremely low. He says it is their job to help the children increase their academic skills so they will be able to go on to the next grade level.

1). How would you describe their different approaches to curriculum planning?

2). How can they resolve their differences so they can work together and the children can gain the maximum benefit.

3). Can you think of a way to combine the two approaches?


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