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Ed fuller is 67 and retired two years ago from a computer software company. He has seven grandchildren with whom he loves to spend time with, and he decided he wanted to volunteer to work with young children. He found that the director and caregivers at a local business-sponsored program welcomed him with open arms. He came twice a week to the center, taught the children woodworking techniques, and spent a lot of time showing them how to use the computer. Most of the children looked forward to his days at the center, but three boys never participated in the activities he organized. When he was not there, they sometimes imitated the way he walked and made fun of the fact that he was almost bald.

1). What should the chiild care leaders do about the attitude of the three boys toward Ed?

2). Is there something Ed could do to help the boys feel comfortable with him?

3). Can you think of an activity that will enable children to be more accepting of older people?



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