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Part 1

Cortez v. Wal-Mart on page 602

Rosebrough vs. Buckeye Valley High School on page 614

Ehling v. Monmouth - Ocean Hospital Service Corp on page 688


Part 2

Dillon v. Champion Jobbra on page 671

Weeks-Walker v. Macon County Greyhound on page 730


Part 3 Answer questions 1-15

1.      Employers should not ignore employees starting work early, staying beyond scheduled hours, or coming in to work on days off.

2.      Group health plans must not limit eligibility based on health status, medical condition, claims experience, medical history, genetic information, or the disability of an employee or dependent.


3.      Employers must not create or control “company unions.”


4.      Employers should require that employees report all injuries that occur in the workplace as soon after they occur as possible


5.      Employers that have contracts with the federal government must create and maintain drug awareness programs for their employee


6.      Whenever possible, employers should offer employees selected for downsizing the opportunity to transfer to other facilities.


7.      Employers need to exercise particular care in making employment decisions regarding employees that have filed charges or spoken out about discrimination.


8.      For applicants that are not hired, application forms and other documents should be retained for at least one year from when the decision not to hire was made.


9.      For all persons hired, employers must view documents establishing identity and eligibility to work in the U.S. and record the documents examined on I-9 forms

10.  Supervisors should be well-trained at identifying signs of drug use and impairment.


11.  Employers must not establish employment requirements that apply to one protected class group but not others.



12.  Employers wishing to consider protected class characteristics in order to enhance the utilization of women and persons of color must have valid affirmative action plans in place.


13.  Employers are strongly advised to establish, communicate, and enforce policies prohibiting harassment.



14.  Employers must reasonably accommodate qualified disabled persons unless doing so would impose undue hardship.


15.  Employer’s should consider an employee’s or applicant’s accent only to the extent that communication is a significant part of the job in question and the individual’s accent impedes communication.

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