Project #196452 - Security Industry Essay

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/14/2017 08:27 pm

Use APA formatting with at least two references.  800 words minimum.  Due in three hours.

Section #1 - Your first assignment is to discuss all the factors that contributed to the growth of the private security industry, especially the commercial sector. Be specific and use examples to support your answer. You will also be required to discuss and predict what you believe the impetus will be for the growth of private security the next 10 years.

Section #2 - Your second assignment requires you to conduct an internet search to locate a successful contract security company in your region or your hometown. Give at least four reasons for the secret to their success. If you were going to start your own contract security company, what would your mission and company values be ? Your answer should be detailed and specific.

Section #3 - Skim the magazine of one of the largest security companies in the world - G4S Securicor (attached) and list the three most interesting things from the magazine that you believe help contribute to the company's success.


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