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Develop a treatment plan for Rafael by utilizing the following outline:

I.         Identify the Key Issues in this Case Study

a.       Prioritize the key issues by placing them in order of importance.

b.       Offer a rationale for how you have prioritized the issues.  You will want to utilize text and course materials (or other professional sources) as support for your rationale.

c.       Your rationale needs to lay a foundation for possible treatment outcomes.  Your decisions in this section need to correlate with the Treatment Recommendations section of the paper.

II.      Diagnostic Impressions

a.       What assessments are needed to properly diagnose the client?  Our course materials have provided many assessment tools and approaches that you would need to incorporate in your discussion.

b.       What Diagnostic Impressions do you have of this client? What diagnoses would you identify based upon the information given?  You will need to utilize the DSM-5 as well as our course texts to support your decisions. 


You have access to the DSM-5 information to inform your Diagnostic Impressions by using this Liberty library link:

Once this link opens, scroll down to “Psychiatry Online Journals.” On this site, you will find a wealth of information on the DSM-5. After logging in with your Liberty Username and Password, you may access the main codes necessary for your Diagnosis by doing the following:

·         Click the link “Explore the latest edition.”

·         Select “Section II: Diagnostic Criteria and Codes.” A sub-menu of links will open. Click the desired link in the menu to access specific information about that code.


c.       Provide a rationale for your diagnoses selections.  What evidence did you find in the DSM-5 and course materials that would lead you to your decisions?


III.    Treatment Plan Recommendations

a.       List your recommendations for treatment.  These recommendations need to correspond with the Key Issues you have cited in the first part of the paper. 

b.       Articulate how your treatment is an approach that reflects a collaborative approach with the client.  Discuss why this is a central feature for treatment of clients dealing with sexual addiction

c.       Address your treatment in a way that incorporates a biopsychosocialspiritual perspective

d.       What concerns or issues may impact the ability to implement this treatment plan?  How might you address these to assist the client in being successful in treatment? 


IV.    Style Considerations

a.       Present your paper in a grammatically correct and clear manner with a minimum of spelling errors, if any.

b.      Use current APA formatted title page, Abstract, citations, and reference page



Final points to remember:

References: Cite all sources used to develop your plan in current APA style in the body of your paper and on the reference page.  Your decisions of diagnosis and treatment recommendations need to have authoritative sources rather than just being your own opinion.


Writing Style/APA: Your paper must be well-organized and free of grammatical errors. Your paper must be in current APA format, with a title page and reference page (no abstract needed for this assignment).



Page Requirements: 5–7 pages for the body of the paper, not including the cover page and reference page(s).


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