Project #196476 - Civil War Letters

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/16/2017 12:00 am

  1. Based on the letters you read, answer the following questions in the body of your discussion post:
    • How old is this soldier?
    • Where is he from?
    • To whom is he writing?
    • For which side is he fighting?
    • Why is he fighting?
    • What is his attitude toward the opposing side?
    • What are the recurring themes in his letters?
    • What are his main frustrations? Joys?
    • What activities occupy most of his time?
    • If he has participated in battle, what are his reflections?
  1. Create a slide presentation that:
    • Illustrates some of the main themes you discovered in your soldier's letters and uses pictures to illustrate those themes.
    • Label each slide with one of those themes, insert a photo that reflects that theme. Photos can be found at the links listed under Additional Resources below.
    • Include a short quote from one of the letters that relates to the same theme.
  2. Attach your presentation as a PDF of your slide notes to your discussion post (please refer to Assignment Helps for instruction).


  • Presentations must be 5 slides in length.

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