Project #196487 - Recommendations and Implications

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  • based on project 1 and 2 
  • It may be easiest to write this final section from the perspective of the person in the business that is making the decisions in response to your current issue or crisis.  “As CEO of Company XYZ, I recommend…”
  • Potential actions:  Make a list of all the potential actions you could take in response to the issue at hand.  The list will be much longer than the list of proposed recommendations you will be making.  This is your chance to explore different options.  Although you aren’t going to want to follow through with many of these, creating the list creates an opportunity to explain to the reader why you wouldn’t choose them (i.e.-they are not going to be in the best interest of your most important stakeholders long-term, but you still need to consider them to make that judgment).
  • Make recommendations: Suggest a comprehensive plan of action you recommend your company take to resolve the issue at hand.  Describe specific business practices you intend to follow through with.  Try to come up with creative solutions that are morally sound, realistic and demonstrate concern for and long-term enrichment of your most important stakeholders.  Look at how your prioritized them in the previous assignment.  Think about the obligations your business has to your stakeholders and the various ways you could meet them (as described in your textbook).
  • Discuss the costs of implementing your recommendations:  Here you will discuss resource requirements, labor and management costs, costs of changing business practices, timeline, etc.  Where will the money you need to implement your plan come from? In this section, you should bring in your supportive data research to justify the costs are worth it in the long run. 
  • Implications- Discuss the consequences of your recommendations as if they were to be implemented.  Explain how your stakeholders would be affected by your decisions.  Discuss both the short-term and long-term consequences, both intended and possible unintended outcomes. This will force you to think about your decision from multiple stakeholders’ points of view.  You’ll need to demonstrate how the social, economic and environmental stakeholders, and the company, operate in a mutually influencing system.  This is the most important section of the research project.
  • about 1- 2 pages, double spaced, MLA


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