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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/17/2017 12:00 pm

Assignment: Attend a sales presentation for a durable product or a high-level service

Executive Summary: Page 1 of report.

Introduction: State the name of the sales presentation you attended, the salesperson, place, time and other relevant background facts. Provide an Executive summary of A, B and C.

Attach any brochures, flyers and handouts and the salesperson’s business card

Analysis: Page 2 of report.

1.    Write your observation and analysis, point by point, of how the speaker handled these five points.

2.    Introduction

3.    Questions and fact-finding

4.    Presentation Materials: Overheads, power point slides, props, handouts etc.

5.    Presentation Format: Lecture, Interactive, questions, timing.

6.    Audience Responsiveness: Bored/skeptical/engaged.

Analysis Continued: Page 3 of report. (B and C)

1.    Describe how the salesperson:

2.    Got an audience with you—Prospected your name

3.    Engaged you and made you want to buy (or not)

4.    Illustrated or demonstrated the product

5.    Handled your objections

6.    Closed the sale and asked for prospects (or not)

7.    Summary.

Any suggestions/recommendations for the how the salesperson could have improved their presentation?

Use the notes, class discussion, and your text book to help you with your observations, analysis, and recommendations.


Note: Out of respect for the salesperson, remember to stipulate that, though you are indeed in the market for this product, you are only beginning your search and he or she may not get the sale this first meeting.


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