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Wk2 Discussion Topic Question

Q1: Discuss a time when you faced an ethical dilemma. What were the major considerations? What were the major motivating factors for your decision?

Q2: Take the followership assessment in Chapter 7 (located on page 201, "Leader's Self-Insight 7.1 - The Power of Followership"). Reflect on the results in relation to your opportunities for leadership development. Which followership skills can you focus on that will help you strengthen your leadership abilities?

Writing Instruction

Answer each discussion topic question between 2-3 paragraphs (2-3 paraphs per question).

Use APA writing format.  Reading materials is chapter 5 thru 8. Please make sure to use the provided textbook to support/reference your answers.

Textbook access info.

 Click on the link to download “The Leadership Experience” by R. L. Daft.

Must have PDF Reader to view.

Note: once the project is assigned to  you. Please look for file attachment for textbook access.


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