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 project on company Levis Strauss. Purpose of paper has to be strong! APA FORMAT, PLEASE CITE ALL REFERENCES


These are some of the tips/questions the teacher gaveWhat is the purpose of these paper? Why Levis Strauss has been so successful? Their values never changed show the family culture of Levis Strauss, capture generations


 The final paper should be minimum of 10 pages and have a minimum of 10 journal and other reference sources. Wikipedia and the text book do not count as reference sources. Again, meeting the minimum criteria will earn a satisfactory (C) grade.




I would like you to use the following main headings. The sub headings are at your discretion. I suggest you start with the main headings as an outline and fill in each section weekly.




  • Introduction, background, and methods
  • Family background, history, and business model
  • Current situation
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • References



Research project content. I expect the content of each project will vary depending on the type of family business being researched and the interest and focus of the individual authors. However, the comments below should provide you with some general ideas. Please use these as a guide and not as an outline.




Introduction, background, and methods.

  These should be considered only as suggestions, not an outline. Tailor your paper to the issue of your interest.


  • Introduction, background, and methods. Sub sections might include:
  • The purpose of your research. The purpose should be stated in one sentence such as: The purpose of this paper is to…”
  • Why is this research useful or necessary?
  • Research methods. What will you do to achieve the purpose of your research? Methods can include one or a combination of the following:
    • Interviews
    • Observations
    • Review and analysis of existing documents
    • Review and analysis of library and internet sites
    • What frameworks will you use to analyze and organize your research? SWOT analysis, systems theory, genogram, etc.


 Family background, history, and business model.


  • Family background and system
  • History of the business
  • Business model
    • Product or service
    • Pricing
    • Target market
    • Competition


  Current situation.


  • Financial
    • This and the sales sections will be limited by the data available. It should be your best analysis of the current financial position of the business. If financial data are not available, they can be estimated by examining comparable publicly traded businesses.
  • Sales
  • Family
  • Social, political, technological, economic, environment




Week 4 paper. Conclusions and recommendations. The final section of the paper should build on the previous three sections and tie the entire project together. If recommendations are appropriate, they should discuss alternative strategies and should recommend one or more strategies to address the culture or leadership issue. The conclusions and/or recommendations in this section should be derived from the discussions in the previous sections. This paper should contain all previous sections and should have a table of contents and section headings.




Course Project Grading. Content: 75% Substance, quality of research and documentation, quality of analysis, reasoning etc.  Form: 25% Organization, writing quality, APA style adherence, physical appearance, etc.


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