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1. Read each statement below. Select any statements that have ever applied to you.

(You will not have to disclose your answers here to anyone. They are for reflection purposes.)

I was taken to museums, zoos, or other cultural activities as a child.
I was an only child.
My ancestors were slaves or indigenous peoples whose lands were colonized and taken over.
My parents owned their house.
I have to question whether a building or event will be physically accessible to me.
My biological parents are divorced, never married, or one or both of them are unknown to me.
I can hold hands with my partner and not fear for my safety.
One or both of my parents or caretakers did not earn a high school diploma or GED.
I do not fear to walk alone at night because of my gender.
I have a medical, psychological, or learning condition/disability.
One or both of my parents or caretakers was not born in the United States.
All members of my family regularly ate at the table, at the same time, without the television turned on.
I was read to every day as a child.
My family had to leave my house because of crime or financial difficulties.
I take prescribed medication on a regular basis.
My current spiritual or religious path is Christianity.
My grandparents or great-grandparents were not born in the United States.
I had to work for wages before I was 14 years old.
I have experienced the loss of a loved one.
I helped my parents or caretakers in caring for my siblings so they could work.
I lived away from parents or caretakers for more than six months.
I have felt truly happy.
English is not my first language.
I have at least one close friend whom I trust.
I have been misunderstood.


2. Take a moment to reflect on those statements that you checked and those that you did not check.

3. Write a 1-2 page essay answering the questions below. (You do NOT have to include your results from the above survey.)

  • If you took a random survey of 50 people in your city, do you think anyone would have the exact same combination of circled statements?
  • How do individual differences shape people and their current circumstances?
  • If you were working as a social worker at homeless shelter, what assumptions (e.g. stereotypes) should you be wary of when working with clients? Why?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of focusing on just one of these factors during the assessment of a new client in a social work setting. Discuss the pros and cons of using an integrative multidimensional approach. Which approach is more useful? Why
  • What kinds of factors influence people? As a social worker, how would you try to learn about these factors when meeting a new client?



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