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he graphic novel offers you the chance to apply the course concepts to a fictional story.  The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. 

Essay length is 700-750 words long (approx. 2.5-3 typed pages, double spaced)

Everyone must write the short essay (i.e. this is not an element of the course that you can skip like the journals).



This One Summer is a coming of age story set in Awago Beach featuring Rose (12 years old) and Windy (10.5 yrs old).  While they excite in re-encountering what is familiar (based on previous trips to Awago Beach), they also run into local drama featuring Dunc, Jenny, and Sarah.  They seem to be both appalled and fascinated by life of the Awago Beach locals.  At the same time, Rose becomes increasingly upset with her mother's disengagement during the vacation.  She only hears snippets of conversation from adults so she is left to fill in the blanks; Rose learns much later in the trip that her mother suffered a miscarriage in Awago Beach the summer before and has been coping with the sadness of returning to scene.  

Choose one of the themes below:

  • "good" mothering;
  • gendered nature of trauma;
  • girlhood and sexuality;
  • "boys will be boys";
  • socio-economic class and difference.

In an essay of 700-750 words, analyze the theme using course concepts such as ideology, prejudice, horizontal hostility, or privilege.  You needn't use all of these concepts - you can select 1-2 that are most appropriate.  "A" quality essays will demonstrate an awareness of intersectionality and a flawless use of the framework.  

The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. 

The essay should have a thesis - your paper should be making an argument.  And your paper must use proof to back up your argument.  Proof should come in the form of quoting from the textbook Threshold Concepts as well as referring to pages, panels, or examples from This One Summer.  

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