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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/19/2017 12:00 am

Curriculum Based Measurement/Monitoring (MUST BE KNOWLEDGEABLE)

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APA Format

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Create a Graph using scores below

Scores: Out of 100 pts. or %

1) 32

2) 60

3) 68

4) 60

5) 68

6) 80

7) 64

8) 56


You should graph your performance on each quiz using points or a percentage. All eight scores listed above. You should report points obtained per quiz or percentage. Briefly answer a few questions related to your experience completing the Glossary Quizzes. The six questions are as follows:  

1.    The first time I took a Glossary Quiz, I…

2.   Each week I found the Glossary Quiz to be…

3.   The best thing about this assignment was…

4.   The worst thing about this assignment was…

5.   I would/would not use a CBM process such as this with my students, because…

6.   This assignment would have been better if…


out of 1971 reviews

out of 766 reviews

out of 1164 reviews

out of 721 reviews

out of 1600 reviews

out of 770 reviews

out of 766 reviews

out of 680 reviews