Project #196562 - 1000 Word Leadership Essay

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/18/2017 03:00 pm

What is your leadership philosophy? Please write a standard essay to describe your current ideas on leadership. Organize the essay as you deem appropriate. Perhaps you see leadership in terms of practical behavior. Maybe it is theoretical. You may be optimistic or pessimistic about it.

Ideas to Consider

Here are some ideas to consider, in case you happen to encounter writer’s block. What are your assumptions regarding what works best? What is bad leadership? How do people think and act to make them amenable to certain kinds of leadership? Have you experienced a difficult challenge in a leadership position? Is leadership about power, charisma, courage, action, or benevolence?

Purpose of the Essay

The purpose of the essay is twofold. First, I want to establish a baseline in your thinking. You may have taken other leadership courses or served for years in leadership positions, or you may be in an early stage of your leadership thinking and experience. Wherever you are in this sense, it is helpful to reflect upon it consciously and communicate it with as much thought as possible.

I will also provide detailed grading feedback on the mechanics of writing. Therefore, please strive to write correctly, and proofread your work, to make my feedback meaningful.

Why Worry about Writing?

A significant part of leadership is credibility, which benefits from effectiveness in communication. Indeed, how we manage our writing informs how we manage our enterprises.

Aside from the practical matter of meeting graduate school guidelines, I therefore take the task of writing quite seriously, because the way we write guides how we think. If we pay scant attention to style and form, while filling our writing with loose metaphors and careless errors, we will tend to manage similarly. The idea is to refine our leadership acumen rather than merely to validate it.


This is a straight essay of 1,000 words, with a title at the top, followed by paragraphs. The essay requires no citations. No title page or abstract is necessary. Just write correctly, originally, and sufficiently, and be sure to proofread your work. Aside from these considerations, the exercise in reflecting on your leadership ideas and assumptions.


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