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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/21/2017 11:00 am

Unit Outcome:

  • Use specific tools in Microsoft Word to prepare a Word Document.

Course Outcome:

IT133-2: Create documents using various functions of word processing software.

You will need to download and save from Course Resources> Course Documents the following file for this Assignment:

  • Word_Starter_File.docx file



Creating a Word Document


Download the Word_Starter_File.docx file. You will complete steps 1-11 using this document.


 Complete the following steps:


  1. Add a header to the document and type your first and last name, class number, class name and section. Align that information to the right.
  2. Add footer to the document and add a page number. Center the page number.
  3. Center the title and make it bold and italic. Change the color to red.
  4. Change the Font for the title to Book Antiqua and the size to 16.
  5. Right align the Chapter number.
  6. Use the thesaurus within Word to replace the word startled in the first sentence of the first paragraph with a suitable word.
  7. Apply double spacing to the paragraphs.
  8. Add the color Blue and an Accent (for example, 1), as the page color to the document.
  9. Add a border around the second paragraph.
  10. Change the page margins to the following:
    1. Top and bottom margins – set to 1.5 inch
    2. Left and right margins – set to 1 inch
  11. Correct any spelling mistakes.


Submit your Assignment to the Dropbox

Directions for Submitting Your Assignment


Compose your Assignment in a Microsoft Word document and save it as IT133_Unit_3_LastName.docx and submit it to the Assignment Dropbox for Unit 3.





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