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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/18/2017 12:00 pm

The objective of this assignment is to develop a sound understanding on how the latest information technologies maintain its contributions in e-supply chain coordination. In particular, this report focuses on measuring performance and development issues of technology in e-supply chain coordination in a highly competitive business environment. You are required to research on one of the latest information technologies available for e-supply chain management. Examples must be given to illustrate your points and support your arguments. Please choose from one of the following latest technologies.

 • IoT (Internet of Things)/IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

 • AR (Augmented Reality)

 • Big Data (Predictive Analytics/Prescriptive Analytics)

 • Fleet Management Software/Solution

• Cognitive Computing

• RTLS (Real Time Locating/Location System) • 3D Printer • Drone

• Driverless/Autonomous Vehicle

• Smart Phone Apps

 • Machine Learning

• Social Media (i.e. streamline SC)

The focus of the research should not be entirely on the technology or the design itself (It is not about “WHAT”). You have to include an in-depth analysis and discussion HOW & WHY appropriate use of the technology can enhance e-supply chain coordination, especially in a highly competitive business environment. You have to demonstrate a strong link between the technology in the e-supply chain coordination and how can a company/businesses use it to compete in this environment.


Apart from the covering page, the report should include the following:

· Title Page

· Executive Summary/abstract

· Table of Contents (Add/Insert Table of Contents to The Document Using Word Tool)

· Introduction or Background

· Discussion (Analysis)

· Conclusion

· Appendices

· References



Assessment Criteria: · In-Depth Knowledge and understanding of the information technology in e-supply chain coordination. · Good discussion and analysis of the contributions - especially in a highly competitive business environment. · Good analysis/discussion of “how” and “why” instead of “what”. · Clarity of presentation · Adequate up-to-date references (within 6 years 2010-2016/2017) from the Internet and the literature to support arguments. · Correct referencing style (Harvard referencing system) used · You must include at least 8 Journal Articles/cases/business report (as References) Your assignment should be in the range of 2,000 – 2,200 words. If the amount of words is out the word limit, the proposal will be marked as if written within the word limit. The mark awarded will then be reduced by 10% per 200 words. References are not considered in the word count


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