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In this lab, you will write an acceptable example of an intra-office memorandum. Use the Memorandum Example (ATTACHED) to gain further information on how to write a memo.

For the purpose of this lab, you are an adult probation officer for the Barnett Department of Probation and Parole Services. Draft a memorandum updating your supervisor on the status of a client under your supervision.

Facts to be included in the memo:

  • Client Name: Kevin James
  • Client Date of Birth: 11/21/1984
  • Client Address: 12456 Main Street, Barnett, Barnett State 23456
  • Crimes Committed: Burglary (6/23/2003); Robbery (11/12/2006); Cocaine Possession (1/14/2009); Domestic Battery (1/14/2009); Aggravated Battery with a deadly weapon (2/22/2010); Marijuana Possession (3/24/2010); Motor Vehicle Theft (3/24/2010); Domestic Battery (7/4/2013); Fraud (5/6/2014); Arson (7/8/14); Marijuana Possession (11/20/14); Cocaine Possession (2/24/2015)
  • Violations of Probation/Parole: 11/12/2006; 1/14/2009; 1/14/2009; 2/22/2010; 3/24/2010; 7/4/2013; 5/6/2014; 7/8/1411/20/14; 2/24/2015
  • Recent Criminal Activity: Arrested on 3/23/15 for first degree murder
  • Commonwealth Attorney Comments: The Commonwealth Attorney is going to be seeking the death penalty and wants to know all supervision information pertaining to this client.

    • You are to be creative with this section of the memorandum, however it must include the following:

      • Social History (childhood; currently family information; marital status; education; medical/mental health; employment – to include current and past employers with date information), etc.
      • Employment (current and past employers, to include dates of employment)
  • Supervisor’s Name: Jane White


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