Project #196599 - Ethics with Alzheimer Disease

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For this I have posted my professors critiques and exactly what I need help with. I do not need the paper redone just a couple paragraphs that will correct what my teacher is docking points for. I will also upload my paper. I need apa formatting. I can fit it into the paper if that is easier for you ( and less expensive).


There is no discussion of research designs in the paper. As you discuss the different results from research, you should describe the type of research design that was used and discuss how it helped the authors to answer a question or solve a problem. For example, you might discuss how they used imaging and conducted a correlational study. Or you might describe an experiment that was conducted.
Since there is no discussion of research designs, there was no discussion of how the designs were used. Please be more specific about how the research you present was conducted.
There is no discussion of the history of ethics. Please discuss how ethics in research have been viewed over time and how they have changed. It would be great to see you discuss unethical research in the past and discuss how things have gotten better over time. A reference like the one below can help you with this.
You did not discuss how you will examine your research question. You should create a study that can examine your research question. In looking at your question, I would suggest that you create an experiment that looks at using two different kinds of drugs to see which drug is most effective in treating the neurological and behavioral changes associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Since you did not create a research design, you did not mention the role of ethics in a study that you might conduct. It would be good to see you discuss some specific ethical issues that might come up in a study that examines the brain in Alzheimer's disease.
Since you did not discuss ethics, you did not address where information on ethics came from. Please be sure to look at how other studies address ethics and try to do the same in your proposed study.


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