Project #211122 - Constructing Effective Messages DQ

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/10/2017 02:00 pm


Each question should be answered in a min of 100 words


1.    Write a short email that makes a request to your supervisor.  Consider the following components.


Components of Requests


        • Make request.
        • Provide rationale.
        • Call to action
        • State goodwill.


2.       The scope of business communications has grown with technology - there are just so many ways to communication - but we have to make sure we remain professional and focused in all our business communications.  Just because we are using twitter - text - email, etc. it does not mean we can be too casual. Here are some ideas related to this issue - check them out and share your thoughts.


3.       here is an interesting study on that issues. Check it out - I think you will be surprised:


4.       Read the information on this site for more info: Write a short paragraph on any topic.  Underline the topic sentence and the transition words.


5.       Writing for social media requires a different approach than writing for traditional media. Give an example of a difference and explain why it is important.


6.       Chose a bias and write a sentence that contains the bias and rewrite the sentence so that it does not contain a bias. Why is it important to make you communication bias free?


7.       What are some key points to remember when writing content intended for mobile devices?


8.       check out this site - and share your thoughts.


9.    identify the different ways their respective organizations communicate, such as email, instant messaging, social media, flyers, etc. 


Discuss the following Explain what types of messages are more effective


Explain what types of business message are more effective


List and briefly describe at least three different audiences within your organizations or give examples


Explain how your approach might be different when writing a message to these audiences about a product or service



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