Project #211149 - Panera Bread Company in 2016

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/12/2017 12:00 am

Describe the following for this Case Study (will email once assigned) Please note that I'm in Central time zone


1. Industry and Market


2. External Environment


3. Internal Environment


4. Financial Analyses


5. Econonmic Condition for Industry


6. Key Trending Factors


7. SWOT Analysis


8. Key Issues of the case


9. Critical issue of the case


10. Assupmptions in the recognition of the criticial issues


11. 2 to 3 alternatives to address this critical issues


12. Choose 1 of the alternatives to implement


13. Describe te overarching strategy tyou propose and withing which this alternative fit


14. Explain your plan to implement this alternative


15. Identify the critical organizational functions of the organization needed for implementation


16. Identify the processes needed from each of these critical functions for impletmentation


17. Describe the Balance Scorecard metrics to measure the success of this implementation


18. Describe any ethical concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation


19. Describe any environmental concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation


20, Describe any social concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation


21. Write a brief summary of your recommendation and the value you propose this organizaton may gain from this implemenation (one paragraph-keep this to a maximum of 100 words)


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