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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/11/2017 09:00 am

This exercise functions as a step in developing your team’s analytical/business report. You will use these research reports at a later stage (Week 9) in your group project. The goal of this exercise is to collect your research findings for your team and to practice the format and style of business letters which will allow you to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise format for others.

This will be based on your reading Lesson 8.



By completing this exercise, you will practice

  • Defining and selecting the components of executive summary
  • Composing a research report

These goals align with the following module level goals

  1. Conduct research in the library sources [CG]
  2. Write a research report [CG]



In this writing exercise you are asked to construct a business letter that summarizes the findings of the scholarly source/s you researched related to your team’s idea. The content for this exercise will be the results of your scholarly research this week. The text should summarize the 1-2 sources in a coherent discussion.


You should construct your summary as a business letter and add Works Cited in MLA format on the page after the closing.


Your submission will be evaluated based on how closely it reflects

  • business letter format,
  • professional tone and objective delivery,
  • substantive research results, and
  • standard American English.


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