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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/10/2017 06:00 pm

Extraordinary Circumstances by Cynthia Cooper. This is a book report. I have written the paper already but I want you to read it and make it better. I want this to be very professional. Change whatever you want. Don't go over 3 pages. See directions below:


Assignment – Reflections on the book “Extraordinary Circumstances”



The assignment is to write about your thoughts on the story told in the book “Extraordinary Circumstances”.  You are not writing a book report or a book review.


It should be a two or three page paper.  Use APA style as to font, margins, spacing, etc.  No need for a cover page, running head, or abstract.  This is not a research paper it is a paper about your thoughts and reflections.  However, if you do quote, paraphrase, or cite another’s work use the APA citation style and include a references page.


Write the paper in first person.  Try to provide specifics and/or examples that support your thoughts.  For example, you might write  “The signing of the Telecom Act in 1996 set the stage for… “(p. 126).


You may want to write about the ethical issues, auditing issues, business issues, regulatory issues, and/or the career issues raised in the book.  Some thought-starters are listed below in no particular order, but please don’t just use my thoughts, write about your thoughts.  Of course organization, grammar, and spelling count.



·       Cooper’s struggles to gain respect and resources for the internal audit function.

·       WorldCom’s business model.  WorldCom’s growth model.

·       Role of the independent auditors.  Role of the Audit Committee.

·       Impact of regulatory changes on the industry.

·       Pressures that led to downfall.

·       Implications of whistleblowing.

·       Corporate culture at WorldCom.

·       The fraudulent reporting and how it was accomplished.



Following is what I will look for when I grade the paper and the approximate weight of each aspect in the overall grade.

·       Format (10%) - Paper is neatly prepared in accordance with APA style.

·       Grammar and Spelling (25%) – Proofread your paper, have someone else read your paper.  If you need assistance with this writing assignment visit the Tutoring Center in J105.

·       Organization (15%) – The paper is well organized, thoughts flow in a logical sequence, and it is easy to read and understand.  Don’t be afraid to use headings and sub-headings.

·       Content (50%) – The content shows strong evidence of your own thoughts.  Reflections are clearly stated and supported with detail when appropriate.  You use your own voice.  Say something.  You may even be bold!



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