Project #211166 - Write four responses to each fim-related question, each of these questions in a separate essay of from 2-3 full pages.

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/10/2017 06:00 pm

  1. The exam demonstrates your ability to master basic concepts of the form of documentary cinema, and critically engage these concepts in an intellectually creative way to explore additional issues of the course, using as many of the resources of the course as possible.
  2. Respond to each of these questions in a separate essay of from 2-3 full pages. (which means at least 8-12 pages in total) Include the question at the beginning of your answer. 
  1. Clear argumentative thesis statement.
  2. Full understanding of each major concept as expressed in reading and in class discussions.
  3. Use of the concern with documentary form as a window to see other major issues in the course through 10/26.
  4. Direct reference to at least one course screening or clip.
  5. Intellectual creativity.
  6. Effective and correct use of course terminology.
  7. Use of specific examples and evidence.
  8. Persuasive English expression and usage.
  9. Error-free punctuation, grammar, formatting, and spelling—just like in your professional life!
  10. Remember: avoid even accidental plagiarism.  See guidelines on Academic Integrity in the 454 Course Policies page on Canvas.
  11. Avoid the use of the words “I” “my” or “me” unless you are describing an incident you were a witness to or a participant in—in which case, you’re encouraged to be personal.
  12. Use illustrations, if they are essential to your argument, and are accurately and helpfully captioned. Each illustration should be sized to take up no more than 1/5th of a page.
  13. 15.Formatting: Each response should be between 2 full pages and three pages in length, double-spaced. Each question should be typed at the beginning of each response. 



  1. Using course readings, screenings & clips, and discussion, make the case for a film we have seen other than The Corporation or The River as a rhetorical documentary.
  2. Using course readings, screenings & clips, and discussion, discuss the use of associational or poetic form in documentary generally.
  3. Using course readings, screenings & clips, and discussion, make the case that all documentary filmmaking is in some way “self-reflexive.”
  4. Using course readings, screenings & clips, and discussion, explain what makes cinema verite/direct cinema either a change from documentary traditions, or an extension of these traditions.

Films which could be (need to be) mentioned as examples:

1. Grizzly Man

2. Waltz with Bashir

3. Don't Look Now

4. Finding Vivian Maier

5. The Corporation



Include your last name and “Documentary Form Exam” on each page, in the upper right-hand corner. 

Include a “Works Cited” page for any material from outside course readings and screenings. The exam should be accompanied by a title page which has your name, the name of your university, the course name and number, the date, and the title of the assignment.  Use the MLA (Modern Language Association) citation and bibliography format.


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