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Paper 3:– An Exploration on Purpose, Meaning, and Happiness


In this paper you will be exploring your own ideas concerning the pivotal concepts of happiness, purpose and meaning in human life, while describing the various personal, philosophical and cultural ideas that have influenced your views about these concepts.  While your project must revolve around one or more of the central concepts, there are many different approaches you can take to this assignment.  Here are some examples:


  1. Tell a biographical story of someone whose life in some way exemplifies happiness, purpose or meaning as you understand it, and analyze how and why that person’s life does so.  (You could also apply this to a group of people.)  Try not to pick an obvious public or historical figure (i.e., Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln).
  2. Tell a cautionary tale of someone who pursues happiness in what you consider to be wrongheaded ways, and analyze how and why negative consequences follow from the mistaken choices that person makes.  (You could also apply this to a group of people.)
  3. Discuss a specific cultural, political, religious or scientific situation in which the pursuit of happiness or meaning is a major factor, and analyze the positive and negative consequences of such pursuit.  (The situation could be either current or historical.)


These are only a few of the many different possibilities for fulfilling this project.  Feel free to come up with your own ideas for an argument addressing the central concepts of the assignment.  Above all, you should strive to make your project interesting.


  1. Research and Evidence (at least 6 sources)

This project will require more extensive use of source material than the previous paper.  You are allowed to use Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience as one of your six sources.


  1. Develop a research question. Narrow it down. Use specific terms. Expect an answer more complex than “yes” or “no.”


  1. Write a proposal.
    1. Articulate your research question, explain why you’re asking the question, and describe the intended audience for your exploration.
    2. Explain in detail a research plan that includes the types of sources you intend to explore, where you expect to find them, and a schedule for the completion of your project.


Formatting Requirements of the Paper

  1. Include an interesting and descriptive title that clearly announces the topic you are analyzing;
  2. Use proper MLA heading (please refer to the syllabus for an example);
  3. Must be at least 1800 words in length;
  4. Use Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1” margins;
  5. Number your pages;
  6. Include a separate Works Cited page;


Grading or Assessment

Your essay will be graded on the following:

  1. Analysis/Quality of Argument
  2. Thesis
  3. Organization
  4. Research (use of sources (at least 6), integrating sources, etc.)
  5. Conventions (style, grammar, etc.)


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