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Directions-Please select another student’s primary post and respond to it.  You can agree, disagree, or offer a new point of view in response to the student’s post.  Please be mindful of your tone. Please write at least 300 words.

Barry Schwartz discusses the “Paradox of choice” on TED Talk and gives four major points to the why choice makes people miserable. Regret and anticipated regret, opportunity costs, escalation of expectations, and self blame. As our society grows every morning people have the choice in their health care, retirement, clothing, identity, technology, etc.. People are given the freedom to act be as independent as they choose but with all these unlimited choices people fall into the escalation of expectations in all the products they consume.


There are many examples of choice that Barry Schwartz discusses, but the one that grabbed my attention was his story of jeans. He always wore the same jeans and when it finally came time to purchase a new pair the salesmen offered him hundreds of pairs that he had never even heard of. He walked out of the store that day with the best pair of jeans he had ever owned. According to Barry, back in his day there was one of everything so everybody settled for the mediocracy because it was all they knew. He showed an animation in which it was captioned, “Everything was better back when it was worse.” Growing up in this generation all we know is endless options and there is always something better than the other. This generation’s high expectations leads for all of us to have great dissatisfaction because we will never know which choice is the right choice.


The idea that we have so many options leads to opportunity costs since we begin to imagine how different our outcome would have been if we had chosen a different option. The moment we choose to get out of bed and start our day we continue to choose every single step for the rest of our day. We live in a very affluent society that is consistently up to date with the latest products. As I had stated before, the choice of being so independent does not help us grow as much as they thought it would have back when there were not as many choices. Some people would rather hold off on making a decision than having to choose in the moment what they think will be best for them. When the day finally comes, people are unprepared because they never decided on how to choose health insurance or retirement plans. 


“I could have done better,” is what constantly plays throughout our head every single time we must make a decision that we believe to be beneficial. Depression rates are soaring in today’s generations due to the fact that there is much accountability nobody ever knows what the right choice exactly is. We are constantly waiting on the next thing and hoping it was better than the last. Schwartz continuously showed animations in his TED Talk, one which read, “It all looks so great, I can’t wait to be disappointed.” The four major points I had discussed in the beginning all happen at once when people make decisions in today’s society. Barry Schwartz does an amazing job at articulating why the pursuit of happiness is not much of a pursuit but rather a gambling of happiness.


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